About Josi Louis

Josi Louis is a combination of names of the grandmothers and namesakes of the founder of the label Josi Louis.

The qualities such as strength, perseverance, patience, flexibility and creativity that these women possessed have served as a source of inspiration in the creation and design of this collection.

Inspired by classic bag models, and using classic Italian leather in combination with an ultra-light, modern technical material, a bag has been created that looks both classic and sleekly contemporary. Loose accessories such as a leather cover, straps, handles in different colors, with or without studs, make the bag suitable for many styles.

The silk scarves are designed in the same thought as the bag. With scarves from the design classics Hermès and Chanel in mind, a series has been designed that looks classic due to the use of materials, but is contemporary due to the own designs.

The wish was to produce the bags as close to home as possible. After a search for the right manufacturer, it was found in the south of Spain. There the bags are produced with the “tender, love and care” that was sought after. No mass production, but beautiful craftsmanship, with respect for materials, people and the environment.

The designs of the scarves are a collaboration with visual artist Annemieke Fierinck. With China as the cradle of silk, it was a logical choice to have the scarves made there. The knowledge of this material and its processing was found at a manufacturer who works with the same love for her profession as was found in the production of the leather bags.

- Enjoy wearing elegance -


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