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€ 398,00 (inclusief btw)

The Josephine Black Tote Bag consists of:

  • the basic leather-lined bag including handles in the same color as the chosen color of the bag.
  • The matching inner bag, made of high-quality technical neoprene, finished with leather details in the color of the base bag. The outside of the inner bag is black and the inside is light gray. This inner bag has a high-quality stainless steel zipper and contains four side pockets.
  • A gift from Josi Louis in the form of a silk JL logo scarf in the color black.


  • Dimensions: 40 x 10 x 25 cm
  • Colour black
  • Silver-colored high-gloss metal rings
  • Suitable for iPad and 15″ laptop
  • High quality leather with leather lining
  • Handmade by craftsmen who know their trade.

'Josephine' is a minimalist design with thoughtful details. By using specially designed loose accessories, such as the leather button belt, the bag cover or choosing your own color combinations for handles and inner bag, you allow the shopper to undergo a true metamorphosis. Perfect to use both in a business environment and during a day in the city. This bag has many faces and therefore fits with just as many styles.

Inspired by classic bag models, and using classic Italian leather in combination with an ultra-light modern technical material, a bag has been created that looks both classic and sleek contemporary, while also remaining light in weight. The desire to produce the bags as close to home as possible was found in the south of Spain after a search for the right manufacturer. There the bags are produced with the "tender, love and care" that was sought.

No mass production, but sustainable through beautiful traditional craftsmanship, with respect for materials and the environment.


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